Contact Alarm

Need to get in touch with one of your offline Skype contacts and keep checking the contact list, waiting for him/her to come online? Of course, you could turn on Skype's internal notification functionality, but if you have 10+ contacts in your list, the permanent fade-in/fade-out windows can get quite distracting and keep you from doing your work.

Enter Contact Alarm.

Contact Alarm is a Skype plugin/extra which gives you full flexibility when it comes to your contacts' status notfications. In opposition to Skype's internal notification feature, Contact Alarm let's you define what notification (fading/static windows & audio/video & log-file) you want to recieve when one of your contacts changes his/her online status.



Individual Notfications

Contact Alarm lets you pick for which of your contacts you'd like to recieve status notifications.
Window Notification Types

You can choose between static and fade-in/fade-out window messages.
Sound/Video Notifications

Besides window messages, you may also configure individual sounds or videos, which will be played, once the according contact switches his/her online status.

Wanna play Big Brother? :-) Log all status changes to contact-individual files and keep track of when your friends are online.
Snarl Integration

Contact Alarm integrates with the wonderful freeware Snarl and (if installed) uses its notification system for fade-in/fade-out message windows.
Minimizes To Tray

Contact Alarm minimizes to the system tray to keep your task bar and your desktop free and organized.




Contact Alarm has the following system requirements:

  • Windows XP SP2 or higher
  • .NET Framework 3.x
  • Skype 3.x

To install the plugin, there are two options (option 1 being the recommended way):

  1. Go via Skype's Extras site, which can be found here. Just hit the "Get it now" button and the plugin will install itself.
  2. Go via Skype's internal Extras Manager, which can be found by clicking on Tools->Do more->Get Extras. Then look for "Contact Alarm".

After you have installed the plugin you will have a 30-day-trial period, during which you may test the product and see, if it fits your needs.

If you decide to purchase a license for Contact Alarm go to the Extras Manager (Tools->Extras->Organize Your Extras) and click on "My Extras". There you will find "Contact Alarm", whose context menu will let you buy a license with your Skype credit.

If you encounter any problems while using Contact Alarm or have an idea how to improve it, please use any of the following options to contact us:



Download the EULA