If you, like me, enjoy listening to a good audiobook while dozing off to dreamland, but don't want to leave your computer running throughout the entire night...

NightTunes is for you!

NightTunes is a sleep timer plugin for iTunes that can automatically turn off, hibernate or send your computer to standby at the end of a playlist. No more harddisk clatter noise or blowing CPU fans disturbing your sleep you're reducing your your energy bill and your carbon footprint :-)

Unlike other shutdown solutions, NightTunes does not depend on user-set timers to determine when to shutdown your PC. That way it is guaranteed that your computer won't bail out on you right in the middle of your goodnight tale, only because you forgot to set the timer right.

How to use:

  1. Create a new playlist (e.g. "Goodnight") and drop the audiobook, MP3s or whatever audio data you'd like to listen to when falling asleep into it.
  2. Bring up the plugin via the taskbar icon. Now select your preferred Shutdown method and check "Active" to activate NightTunes.
  3. Start the playback. Make sure shuffle and repeat are turned off. Otherwise the playback of your playlist will never stop and NightTunes will have no chance to turn off your PC.
  4. Sleep well and have a good night :-)

NightTunes comes in two flavors: Lite and Pro. Refer to the following table for a feature comparison:

  Lite Pro
(Shutdown Method)    
Standby - x
Hibernate - x
Turn Off x x
Price FREE 2.99€


Download and run the installer. Make sure that iTunes is NOT running during the installation.

Download NightTunes Lite

(This version can be upgraded to the Pro version at any time. To do so, obtain a license via the "buy" link on the right and use the "Register" form from within the software.)

After the installation, NightTunes starts and shuts down automatically with iTunes, so no need to start it separately. To use it click on the taskbar icon.


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Additional Options

If you encounter any problems while using NightTunes or have an idea how to improve it, please use any of the following options to contact us:


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